Valentina & Victoria

At Valentina & Victoria we believe in the beauty of the artisanal, of the handmade with detail and care. Each piece of our collection is conceived from the beginning, we designed it as a unique and special piece. Made by hand with high quality ceramic materials and lead-free enamels so you can use them at home with peace of mind. The pieces are also cooked in our own ceramic oven so the whole process begins and ends in our hands so that it reaches directly to someone like you who appreciates and values the artisanal, the careful and the

The Valentina & Victoria collection aims to bring organic-style
pieces into your life with a perfectly imperfect aesthetic, as we
like to call it. Light colors, watery, natural textures and slight
touches of gold and silver make up our collection with some exclusive series of numbered pieces.

We thank you that you have come here, that you have stopped to see our work and that you can appreciate why we love what we do. We love ceramics and only then can we expect you to get close too.

Marina García.

Directora Creativa.

Contamos con vajillas artesanales, hechas a mano, ¿por qué no vienes a vernos?

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